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by Brian Germain

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"Fearlessly You...At Work"
By Brian Germain

When we consider all of the fears that we experience in life, one stands above the rest in terms of its persistent nature. It is the fear of letting your hair down and being the real you in every situation. Certainly, we are all being our truest, happiest selves when we are in our element. We are safe there, because we have specific skills and talents that match those circumstances and we know and trust the people present. We are up to the task, and the vibe is right, and so we let the groovy us show up to the party. I am stoutly in favor of increasing these happy moments for every human being. I think most people would agree that if more of us were truly happy, there is nothing the human race cannot attain or solve. This is especially true with regards to our persona at work.

"I am always the real me" you say, right? Perhaps, but maybe there is more of you to be demonstrated in the world. It is not that you don't know who you are. Actually, I never once doubted that each of us has an occasional awareness of our inner brilliance and beauty. Life is not only about awareness, it is about implementation and actualization. We know who we want to be, but are often unable to act out our intentions due to various self-imposed limitations based on our perception of social consequences.

Once in a while, despite the risks, we let our hair down and be ourselves. Often it is by accident. Sometimes these candid moments have negative results, like a funny look or whispers behind our backs. Fortunately, each partially successful attempt at reaching for our ideals teaches us with greater clarity who we want to be, despite what others expect from us, because it feels better. This draws us toward expansion into our authenticity. We are all gradually, and sometimes rapidly, becoming who we really are. You cannot hide who you really are.

The problem with the real you is, you are controversial. Not everyone will like you all the time. Who you are and what you prefer to act like may interfere with a state of normalcy for someone else. For instance, you may be happiest when you are silly. You might like to laugh loudly. Eventually, you are going to laugh too loudly and piss someone off, so you stop laughing altogether. You stop having your particular kind of fun, and do not shine your light in the world because you are trying to blend in. Tell me it isn't so.

Perhaps you like to stretch your body at random times throughout your day, but you are uncomfortable about what others will think if you stand up and start doing yoga in a meeting. It is likely that it will change your professional image in a number of ways. Some will love you more, but you might be labeled a weirdo by others. That can't be good for business, right? Unfortunately, not being yourself leads you to feeling tired and cranky and worse, it causes you to get old. You are doing it to yourself, as a result of your fear.

Imagine what would happen if people were taking better care of themselves at work because they decided to listen to their inner guidance? What if there was a yoga break in every long meeting. What kinds of solutions would rise to the surface as a result of our feeling of wellbeing? What would the work environment feel like if this was the norm? What if, when the mood was right and everyone needed a break, it was permissible to crank up the music and dance in your office? What would your team show in terms of the tangible benefits? If we worry too much about what the cranky ones might whisper at the water-cooler, we will never get to experience the possibilities of a truly happy work team. In our fear of being ourselves, we lose access to brilliance.

We all know that there are companies out there who are doing things like these. They are nurturing the human element of the system by creating better vibes around the office, which inevitably causes better cooperation and durability. Trust and cohesion are more likely to occur in an environment of healthy, happy individuals, as is overall success.

Fearlessness in the workplace is about much more than just feeling free to be yourself. If you are too afraid to share an important idea at work, everyone suffers, including you. If your concern for what others think leads you to hold back, and your idea was the one that was going to expand the possibilities, things will not get better unless someone more fearless than you steps up to the plate. If it is your competition who dares to think and act bravely, your company may be one of those providing evidence that we are in fact in a new paradigm. What sells now is authentic inspiration based on ideals, by a fearless love-driven company in balance with their human aspect. Successful people will always be the ones who look beyond worry, and focus on making great things happen despite the risks. It has always been this way, and now more than ever, we must all take a stand and allow our true nature to shine. It is time to green light our authenticity, and reap the innumerable benefits.


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