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by Brian Germain

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How To:
Get Brian Germain
to Teach at your Drop Zone

  1. Start a sign up sheet at manifest. Get phone numbers and email addresses for the interested parties. (see link above)
  2. Email your dropzone list with the proposed dates. (get more
  3. Get financial commitment from everyone (25-50%).
  4. Post the dates on your DZ website and at manifest. Please plan at least 45 days in advance so we can arrange for camera support and a second instructor when necessary.
  5. Email details of course dates and contact information for sign-up to: for posting on
  6. Post the details of your course on to increase the number of participants and thereby reduce the price of the course.
  7. The cost of the course is $195 per participant. This does not include altitude, food or accommodations. Minimum participation is 10 people. There is no maximum number, other than limitations on classroom space and lift capacity.
  8. The Airfare to get Brian to your dropzone is also covered by the participants, or by the dropzone. This usually amounts to about $2-300 extra. This can also be added to the cost of the course, and Brian can make the flight arrangements himself.
  9. Brian needs reasonable accommodations for the duration of his stay in your area. This can be a hotel near the DZ, or suitable alternative. Brian is very adaptable.
  10. We need a good classroom. Teaching canopy flight properly requires the following components:
    a. White Board (dry erase)
    b. Projector screen for powerpoint presentation (or extra white board)
    c. Comfortable seating for everyone ( We usually spend as much as 12 hours in classroom)
    d. Climate controlled room with good lighting
    e. Food nearby or on DZ to shorten the lunch breaks
    f. Airplane for jumping (not always necessary)

To coordinate the details of the scheduling,
please contact Brian here:
or call (301) 646-0761

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