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by Brian Germain

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Instructors Course

"Brian's Instructor course was the perfect event to the right time. He covers the complex topic in a very holistic manner, addressing all the components we need for teaching safe canopy flight in all levels of our sport. Any instructor would benefit deeply from this course." 
-Henning Stumpp, German Parachute Association

"Both national and international trends has put canopy safety on the agenda here in Norway. Canopy courses has been made mandatory for A-license jumpers by the norwegian skydiving federation, and Brian Germain was a HUGE help for us developing the course. He was kind enough to let us use lots of his own material in the courses. He also came to Norway this summer to help increase the competency of our own instructors by running a workshop. THANK YOU Brian for sharing your vast knowledge with us. From my perspective the workshop was a huge success, and the feedback we got from the participants was nothing but excellent. I hope we can do the same next year!"
-Kristian Moxnes, Norwegian Parachute Federation

The Instructors course is broken into two parts: Essential Content and Teaching Methods


Topics in the Instructors' Course include: the language of canopy flight, flight dynamics, navigation and landing. We also spend time analyzing video, and refining our skills of problem diagnosis and solutions to common mistakes. All this is with the goal of empowering teachers with knowledge of the aerodynamic truths that govern parachute flight, and becoming conversant in the terminology that lights up the information.

The teaching methods focus on "Student Centered" learning. There is discussion about the specific learning styles of different students, as well as ways to become a more empowered and effective instructor. Teaching methods are examined in detail, and broken into categories for deeper analysis. Understanding the many ways to pass on information serves to increase an instructor's repertoire of skills.

I believe that the trend toward more serious injury requires several big changes in order to see a long term improvement to the situation. We will change the situation, but such things require patience, but also open-mindedness on the part of the skydiving population. If a regulation is adopted that does not have the support of the troops, it will not be easily enforced. Moreover we will not see lasting changes to the sport. The way to make a real change is to target the changing of attitudes of the skydivers themselves from one of purely sportsmanship, to one of mentorship.

Teachers are the way to change the sport. It has always been this way. Rules are like locks on doors; they only keep the honest people honest. If we want to change the general trend, we have to start with the instructors. Attitudes are what create the world we live in, and the beliefs and trends of the general skydiving culture all begin with the teachers. The leaders must know the truth about parachutes in order to teach effectively. This is why I have been offering the Instructors Course.

Over a two or three day period, I work with skydiving instructors to help them become better teachers of canopy flight. Based on my Theory and Practice Course that has been making a difference for the general population, this course specifically targets the needs and concepts most relevant to the skydiving Instructor.

Minimum Class Size:
Environmental Specifications:
(this only works if we have a real classroom setting)
(Hotel Courses are an option)

Winter Courses Welcome
A Classroom
2 Days
Price Per Participant:
$195 USD

If you are interested in organizing an Instructor's Course, contact Brian Germain at:

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