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by Brian Germain

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Big Air Sportz Trademark Guidelines
...or how to use our logos and stuff.

First of all: All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

At Big Air Sportz, we're pretty particular about how our logo looks. After all, we spent considerable time and money making it look cool. So, out of respect and legal obligation, please do not alter the outline definition of our logo or change its proportions of width to height.

The following examples are valid color and black and white samples of our logo in proper proportion, assuming the screen medium on which you're viewing these samples is somewhat close to 1-to-1 in width vs. height. Monitors, flat panels, projection units, printers, etc. all have their own aspect ratios, but as long as the logo isn't completely "out of whack" from what we're showing here and from what we're listing as generic size ratios, we'll all be happy.

[insert color images here]

[insert b&w/outline images here]

Except where otherwise specified, the contents of this site are copyright Big Air Sportz, Inc., Tampa, Florida, USA. All rights reserved.

Please direct any questions or comments to

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